Improv Vegetarian dishes!

Tulip B&WHello lovelies!! Its been a young minute I know but I come bearing delightful gifts which I know will whet those appetites particularly the vegetarian among you. yesterday I found myself entertaining some vegetarian guests and had to come up with meal options that didn’t include meat, which was particularly challenging being the red-blooded Xhosa woman that I am! But, I didn’t balk at the challenge and managed to come up with these very simple and super tasty dishes that even the meat lovers indulged in. So below are the two recipes I’m sharing which as always will be super easy for you to recreate yourself.

Fresh chilli and Mushroom rice
To feed a group of 5 you will need:
Tulip's fresh chilli and mushroom rice
3 cups of rice
1 punnet of mushrooms of your choice, I used button mushrooms
Half a medium-sized onion
5 medium-sized green chillies
Half a red pepper
Vegetable stock / Chicken stock

How to go about it:

1. Boil the rice on a medium heat until cooked.
2. Chop onions, red pepper, chilli and mushrooms.
3. Add oil to a pan of your choice (a wok works really well) then fry the onion and chilli together until the onion has softened and the chilli starts to release its strong smell. Then add the mushrooms and red pepper and continue to fry until the mushrooms start to cook and shrink. As the mixture cooks add 2 cubes of the stock of your choice and add water so it creates a watery sauce which will thicken as you let it simmer for about 10 minutes.
4. When the mushrooms have cooked through then stir in the rice till it is coated in the sauce and the mushrooms, pepper,chilli and onions mix through and then serve.

Simple as that!

Ginger Butter beans and Red pepper
Tulip's Butter beans and red pepperYou will need:

1 can butter beans in brine
Half a medium onion
Half a red pepper
2 teaspoons Crushed garlic
Mixed herbs seasoning
Ground Ginger
Vegetable stock
Sweet Chilli sauce
How to go about it:

1. Fine chop the onion and red pepper.
2. Add Oil to a pan and fry onion, crushed garlic, gound ginger and red pepper  until onion softens and starts to go golden then add  dash of mixed herb seasoning and leave to mingle for about a minute.
3. Then add the butter beans along with the brine and vegetable stock cube, let it all simmer and marry for about 7 minutes then add about two squeezes of the sweet chilli (not too much, just as an accent) and leave for another 5 minutes on a gentle low heat.
4. Then serve, the nice thing about this is it can either be served hot or cold.

Well there you go 2 improv vegetarian friendly dishes in one fell swoop! 🙂


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