Cape Town Weekend Food Things!

So Sunday marked the end of my first week in Cape Town and what a week it was and an even better weekend. One of my closest and dearest friends happened to also be in the Republic at the time and decided to make it her mission to prise me from the suburban clutches of my gated estate and get me out and about. Of course after much twisting of the ‘ol rubber arm I was totally amped and ready to take on whatever she threw my way.

Having already had a delicious chicken roti supper imported from an unassuming little shop in town before I left, I proceeded to meet her at a place called the Beerhouse on Long street. I’m quite sure from the name you can connect the dots as to what happens there, their menu consists of a lot of fine craft, flavoured, regular, non-alcoholic beers and even alcoholic ginger beer. I tasted about 4  beers I hadn’t before but of course old faithful Jack Black took centre stage on my drinks line up. I had something called a Soweto something or other that I cannot for the life of me remember right now,  but i know is apparently brewed in Orlando and my table mates swore they could taste a slight hint of umqombothi in there, I dunno but hey man you know… There was a rather fruity English pale ale called the Lakeside Beerworks that I also tried which wasn’t too bad despite the fact that i’m a straight up and down lager kinda girl. The Beerhouse certainly delivered and by about midnight our 30 year old selves were tuckered out and ready to for our beds.

The next morning while my friends went off on a wine route drive and lunch (despite their many pleas for me to tag along) I went off to brunch date at my cousin’s place. What was meant to be an 11.30 am brunch turned into a 5.30pm early supper, yes, people in Cape Town it seems, find the concept of time a rather fluid one. While I was taken on a  stroll around his neighbourhood still collecting the various components of the impending meal I was introduced to a cocktail called the Iceberg. This is apparently a beer topped with a Margarita cap like a beer shandy but instead of soda you add a Margarita! Not too bad, not too bad at all, especially in the sweltering afternoon heat that was Saturday. When at last the meal was presented to me it was absolute perfection and actually worth the wait as my eyes first feasted before my taste buds did cartwheels in my mouth. What was served up was a beautiful plate of braaied Angel fish, sliced braaied pork tenderloin atop of a bed of lettuce, butternut and caramelised onions as well as a re-imagined coleslaw of  mini cabbages, pineapple, cashews and orange juice reduction. Mm mm I was most suitably impressed! Pity I couldn’t go for seconds as I had to leave in an hour for a dinner but thank goodness it was quite a light meal.

Dinner was a wonderful affair of Indian food with fresh home made rotis which we watched being popped in the pan to cook as we arrived and sat around the kitchen table to catch up. The only thing missing from this dinner are photographs, which I should have taken to illustrate the evening better so a written description will have to do. We had  roti, a lamb curry, biryani, a dish called Patha made from a layer of Madumbi leaves and a spicy paste rolled up then cut into smaller pieces, paneer and pea curry. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of delicious food, so many laughs, a lot of wine and even better company. Indian food is definitely on my list of dishes to try out this year. Mm yes, Saturday definitely rated as a win in terms of all out feasting and stellar company!

When we went to bed on Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning) we decided we’d round the weekend off with a good, hearty breakfast at one of the city’s many delightful eateries. Sunday morning, on one of our cohorts suggestion, we dragged ourselves out of bed and were off for brunch in the city to a little place in Greenpoint called Origin. When we walked in, we quickly noted that while it had a great atmosphere it seemed quite full and we were ready to turn on our collective heels cause we were definitely not about that ‘waiting list’ life. But just as we did, a very welcoming and smiley waiter assured us there was space, turns out the joint has shared seating, which, for the Gautengers amongst us was a very foreign concept. While still ambivalent we allowed the young man to make the necessary table arrangements while we looked at each other unsure but not altogether unwilling to give it a shot as long as we had proper eating room. This turned out to be a most suitable arrangement and we promptly proceeded to order our rather festive array of coffees and decadent brunch meals
The hands down showstopper though of the meals chosen had to be my friend’s indulgent plate of Shakshuka that came with sourdough bread, which is a tomato sauce with pieces of lamb sausage floating in it and eggs that were poached in the sauce. Mm what a winner! Origin will definitely see me back there with their smiley confident waiter and shared seating, the food was definitely a great way to end of a weekend of yummy food things.

Also its always nice to once in a while be treated to other people’s cooking for a change 🙂


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