A Sunday Lunch gig of awesome!

Tulip's - Sunday Lunch TableSo last Sunday Tulip’s was invited to cater a Birthday Sunday Lunch in one of those wonderful Joburg suburbs that ooze olde worlde charm of a bygone area with their beautiful, leafy ,green tree lined streets, sprawling yards and comfortable lived in feel the scene was set was for a gorgeously lazy sunday afternoon of feasting. On the menu was a sumptuous spread of;

  • Butter and Lemon baked Hake
  • Sweet Chilli Ginger Chicken Drumsticks
  • Garlic and Onion Oxtail
  • Peppers and Spring onion Jasmine Rice
  • Crème Fraiche and Dill Potato salad
  • Cinnamon crumbed Butternut bake
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Baby Spinach Salad
    Tulip's- Pots cooking
    So Tulip was up with the owls at 3am to begin the construction of this lazy sunday afternoon lunch, you see not only was this to ensure same day freshness of the meals but because as most people know Oxtail takes quite a while to make and I take no short cuts when it come to this. I generally insist on letting it cook for a minimum of 5 hours on the stove so as to enjoy its buttery and literally falling off the bone goodness as you devour (the only way possible eat it) this moreish dish.

What I find most enjoyable about my day job  is the fact that it pushes me to do what I love and what I hate at the same time and the result is a most spectacularly rewarding combination of triumph and discipline. What I hate the most in the world is waking up early, I am most certainly NOT in any way shape or form what is commonly referred to as a morning person in fact if I had things my way I’d start my working days off at midday and end at midnight! Most people always have a good laugh at this when I tell them how my body is wired but it quite simply is just how I am, while most people’s energy levels wane at noon i am quite literally at my most alert. However when needs be (ie. work) I am able to astound even myself and rally which I suspect comes from a long lineage of never balking in the face of any task!
Tulip's - Oxtail German Potato Salad Baby Spinach Salad Baked Fish ParcelsI have to say I quite enjoyed catering this lunch just because it reminded me of my family’s weekend lunches and suppers where we quite literally invite everyone who has no plans that day over for an indulgent meal and good company. These sorts of occasions, i feel, are the cornerstones of cementing relationships because as we all know all the best memories are made while enjoying a meal with loved ones. And that, is exactly why I got into the business of food because I cannot think of anything better than having a hand in engineering smiling, laughing faces around a table!

Tulip's- Crumbed Butternut Bake Sweet Chilli coriander chicken Roast Veggies

So next time you’re up for a lazy languid meal and memories, I’m your girl! 😉


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